Lost in the Woods III by Dagne Forrest

Poem title: Lost in the Woods III Poet name: Dagne Forrest Poem Begins: At dusk we’d swim again, the water draped  about our shoulders, a glimmering dark  stolen from the shadows behind us. The bowl of sky still blue, though leaching light,  the oaks and maples on the shore in front of us  the ripest green, pulsing with the last low rays  of the sun. As we slipped through the river’s centre, bands of successive ripples flipped from black to green, the lush shoreline reflected onto liquid shards that fused briefly together like living glass at the river’s edge. It felt like we could push back the shadows  and climb into the sunlit angles of the past by setting one well placed hand into the familiar greening verge just in front of us, just out of reach. End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Dagne Forrest  First published appear in Deep Wild Journal (July, 2021).  Dagne Forrest lives and works in a small town in Eastern Ontario. Her poetry has appeared in Deep Wild Journal, Prime Number Magazine, Not Very Quiet, The Moving Force Journal, The Crank, and Sky Island Journal, and her creative nonfiction in Paper Dragon. Learn more at dagneforrest.com