Test Case by Moni Brar

Poem title: Test case Poet name: Moni Brar Poem Begins: I’m an experiment gone wrong. lifted from  the sweat of monsoons,  uprooted from memoried soil  smudged with footprints  of peasant farmers,   sturdy stock surviving  cholera and dengue, drought and deluge, but not a fall  down a bore hole.  I was masala powder  broken down  into individual spices,  each a pungent marvel  and whole. I spooled  from mothers who babied  slick water buffalos,  from fathers who raged  and grew long mustaches.  I breathed air  heavy with jasmine,  heavier with embers  of dung patty fires  while I suckled  on a mango teat.  I was hollowed out, transplanted  into three inches of  unapologetic snow littered with boot prints  and paw prints  of no clear origin, into small town fright, into wounds  laced with wounds. Transplant unsuccessful. End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Moni Brar Originally published in FreeFall Magazine (Vol. 30, No. 2, Fall 2020, pp. 124-125).  Born in rural India, Moni Brar now gratefully divides her time between the unsurrendered territories of the Treaty 7 Region and the Syilx Okanagan Nation. Her writing explores the connections of time, place and identity in the immigrant experience, diasporic guilt, religious violence, and the legacy of trauma resulting from colonization. She is inspired by writers who take an oppositional stance and work towards decolonizing western frameworks of culture and identity. Her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net, and she is the runner-up in PRISM international’s 2021 Grouse Grind Prize, shortlisted for Arc’s 2021 Poem of the Year, and a finalist in the 2021 Alberta Magazine Awards. Her writing can be found in The Literary Review of Canada, Prairie Fire, Passages North, CV2, Vallum, and Hobart, among others.