Moonstruck by Douglas Sinclair

Poem title: Moonstruck Poet name: Douglas Sinclair Poem Begins: Every four weeks you show up. Not unexpected, but a surprise nevertheless. I know you’re coming. I see the evidence every day, quite clearly, whenever I happen to look up into the night sky and my eyes become transfixed, not at the lesser lights of heaven whose glow is obscured by the dull penumbra of a nameless city surrounded by the primordial darkness of creation; nor the milky way, a nebulous scattering of luminous stardust on a cosmic wind, frozen in space, speckled gold, forever girding the heaven’s vast horizon. Not even the north star whose immutable spot as a guide for lover’s hearts to withstand tempests and the tug of discord to persevere beyond longing to where desire is always on the cusp. No. None of these can match your widening eye, silent witness to millennia and an ancient earth where every eye ever turned towards you wonders what comes next beyond the slow waning into oblivion and eternal night. We all suffer the same ache of mortality where our entire world dissolves into a blank stare and the void surrounding a silent heart. Hope is our counterpoint to reality, our dementia or our intuitive grasp of the infinite in a finite world with its perpetual opening and closing of a human eye. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Douglas Sinclair Previously published in reflections from a broken stream by Douglas Sinclair (Roslin Publishing, 2013). Douglas Sinclair is a full member of the League of Canadian Poets and has self-published one book of poetry, “reflections from a broken stream” through Roslin Publishing. His next collection “Being” consisting of 55 poems of various styles and themes exploring the consequences of individualism in love with the self vs. the humanity of an individualist in love with the other. He is originally from Winnipeg where he attended the University of Winnipeg studying Classics and then moved to McGill University in Montreal where he studied poetry and poetic linguistics, graduating in 1978. he has been married (42 years), has 3 adult daughters, and 3 grandchildren.