Then The Further Day by DC Reid

Poem title: Then The Further Day Poet name: Dennis Reid Poem Begins: She saw the queen of heaven once and kept the vision in her soul No one believed what she had seen, no one believed what she heard. –Leonard Cohen Myth is history we need. –Jan Zwicky As if the white wasps in their paper casings were symbols of wisdom and so a promise I could trust. As if the rain falling fitfully on the house-rounded shore were a selflessness and giving in to destiny were admirable completely. As if the land was not to be heard at night pouring winter through itself to Gonzales Bay. Mornings of white light, my paler self walks the water untethered. And even before me, Spanish captains with black between their teeth, squiring names - San Juan, Esperanza, Escalante. They could not escape through the residue of memory. In its time, when it is ready, the ocean turns and sings the calcium from bone until it is no more. Come on let me hold you, won’t you let me hold you, like Bernadette would do. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Dennis Reid Previously published in The Hunger (Ekstasis, 2004). Dennis Reid has published eight books of poetry, with a Selected and New for his ninth, and working on his tenth, Canada, A Country of Poets. A Past League President. Working on the PK Page mentoring fund that now sits at $50,000 that he raised or donated. Reid’s environmental writing has won awards, as well, The Ted Downs Award, and the National Roderick Haig-Brown Award. His fifth book on fly fishing, A Man And His River, a memoir, may be out before the end of 2021. Other book in this subject area have won two awards from the Outdoor Writers of Canada.