urbans facts by Ellen Chang-Richardson

Poem title: urban facts Poet name: Ellen Chang-Richardson Poem Begins:  for Ken Lum   Paired issues forever haunt us.   2020, 2012. 				1840, 			1812. 		1670,			    1497.  Mobility, work. The city, the suburb. The built, the natural. 	  Forged.   Identity, recognition. Class, location. These are dichotomies that split us in two, a global economy leaching us clean. Our reality   in search of stabilities are, perplexing. Are liberating.  Are not made for us.   They are  indeterminacies.   Harmonious, multicultural. Bilingual. Comfortable projections where languages and cultures  collide. Where whitewashing projects relay the hypocrisy, colonial decency of  Canada.  End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Ellen Chang-Richardson  Previously published in Cypress Literary Journal, 2020.   Ellen Chang-Richardson (she/her) is an award-winning poet of Taiwanese and Cambodian Chinese (or Chinese Cambodian) descent. As the daughter of a survivor of the Cambodian genocide, she’s still trying to figure that second part out. The author of three poetry chapbooks, including snap, pop, performance (Gap Riot Press), her writing has appeared in Room, third coast magazine, and Watch Your Head, among others. She currently lives and works on the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabeg. Find her online at ehjchang.com.