Micro macro by Jacqueline Valencia

Jacqueline Valencia – “Micro macro” – published in Issue 2 of Canthius (Spring/Summer 2016). The fly on my windowsill crawls towards a hot sunbeam between the dried raindrops, my eyes follow closely since the tv is on the fritz: no dramas to envelope in crying diva to touch me the plot, this sun my friend’s wings slightly twitch (squish) it now hovers above changing a channel as a cloud passes by I am still; watched, woken up between this thought and the bug taking flight a tight rolled up newspaper at the ready holds our fates. Bio: Jacqueline Valencia is a Toronto-based writer. She is the author of various essays and poetry books, including Lilith (Desert Pets Press, 2018). She is a project partner at Poetry inPrint, chief editor at Critical Focus, and former editor at Insomniac Press.


Canthius celebrates poetry and prose by women, trans men, non-binary, Two-Spirit, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming writers, and these poems were chosen to reflect that diversity. The poems also speak to the currency of the world and human occupation of these current times. Jacqueline Valencia’s “Micro macro” from Issue 2 (Spring/Summer 2016) and Faith Arkorful’s “Migrant worker as Temporary Illusionist” from Issue 5 (2018) reflects the relationship between the minutiae of micro and the overarching influence of the macro. Similarly, the three upcoming poems in Issue 9 (September 2021)—Jody Chan’s “stay at home order,” Bahar Orang’s “What can be disentangled from language,” and John Elizabeth Stintzi’s “Where The Hours Go”—point to how our relationality, or the way we relate to each other, has its basis in being human, being alive.

–Sanchari Sur, Former Managing Editor, Canthius

Cover image of Canthius, Issue 09. Image is colourful and depicts and the lower half of several bodies, from belly button to feet, displayed symetrically and artfully, reminiscent of flowers.

Canthius Issue 09 includes new writing from Callum Angus, Tara Borin, Sophie Crocker, Jody Chan, Sofia Ezdina, Jennifer Alicia Murrin, Alton Melvar M. Dapanas, Bahar Orang, Roshni Riar, John Elizabeth Stinzi, Hannah Senicar, Kate Sutherland, Erin Wilson. This issue’s featured visual artist is Caitlin McDonagh.