Perfectly Off by David C. Brydges

Poem title: Perfectly Off Poet name: David C. Brydges Poem Begins: (to Jill the Jack of all Raids on the Less Obvious) “Art is the stored honey of the human soul.” –Theodore Dreiser Poets are benevolent beekeepers. Bee yourself and discover your own buzz. Not any imitation but a honeyed tongue, melting sweet minds with crazy wisdom callings. Giving up is living up to no one’s standards but the playful unrestrained orgiastic. Contrarians imperfectionist perfectly off artist. Wickedly whimsical painting the poetic with passionate imprecision. Like roaring laugh of Zen master when his student adjusts crooked frame of picture. He follows, straightens it back to its crookedness. No hand divine or human needs to smooth over rough edges of perception. Give it spatial freedom to be just as it is. High flying low flying creativity its all the same authentic trip when you book your Kamikaze ticket without a travel agent babysitting. What is supposed to be is to just be constantly curious, venturing to find that stored honey and share it wildly. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © David C. Brydges David C. Brydges is a cultural historian and community legacy builder. He is artistic director of Spring Pulse Poetry Festival in Northern Ontario. David is a member of the Stroll in Edmonton, Edmonton Poetry Festival, Parkland Poets, Ontario Poetry Society, Haiku Canada, Academy of American Poets, and League of Canadian Poets. David has four chapbooks published and one full-length book, Vagabond Post Office. His upcoming full-length book Vaulting to Venus will be released in 2021.