Autumn Moon (after Rexroth) by Grant Wilkins

Poem title: Autumn Moon (after Rexroth) Poet name: Grant Wilkins Poem Begins: The cold, off-centre leer of the newish moon glares out over the street-lit trees and the dark, boarded up building where I used to buy samosas. The lunar grin hangs like a scimitar, daring the clouds and the night’s wind to blow it into darkness, while slowly sinking toward a horizon I cannot see. It’s an unimaginative metaphor, I know but this night will bring the first hard frost of autumn and by morning the chrysanthemums on my windowsill will be dead just the same. End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Grant Wilkins Grant Wilkins is a printer, papermaker, small press publisher and occasional poet from Ottawa. He has degrees in History & Classical Civilization and English, and he likes ink, metal, paper, letters, sounds and words, and combinations thereof.