Flowers and Men by Bonnie Quan Symons

Poem title: Flowers and Men Poet name: Bonnie Quan Symons Poem Begins: You were a bouquet of, purple, red, yellow, blue, flashing and sparkling through the morning mist.  Jude Neale, “Dragonfly” from Impromptu  You were always thoughtful giving me flowers for occasions— Valentine’s Day, our anniversary. Stargazer lilies were our wedding day flower, which you sometimes bought for me. During the summers, when foxgloves appear on Salt Spring Island, in Vancouver, I remember you bought me purple tulips. Thirty-two years ago, we were in love, you were a bouquet of.  Since our split of nearly seven years ago, I have experienced loss and pain. Losing you, then the death of my Dad, a toxic relationship followed. I am grateful I can write poetry, thankful for our son of twenty-two. Now, I wait for Covid to be over to be able to travel with someone, for the flowers of Honolulu: purple, red, yellow, blue.  Meanwhile, I have saved money for unexpected, increased expenses— special strata assessment fees, property taxes, car insurance,  condo insurance. It felt especially heartening to eliminate my credit line debt. I want to meet a friend or companion  free of baggage, charming,  flashing and sparkling.  I have been tolerant, too patient. I have chosen wrong men. I have overspent, overcommitted. Watch for warning signs before I settle for any man again. Wait for the right moment to kiss. Don’t be overly generous. Watch him. See if he reciprocates. Eventually, there should be bliss through the morning mist. End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Bonnie Quan Symons Bonnie Quan Symons’ poetry has been published in Canada, United States and Australia. She has written sixteen poetry chapbooks and two dream poems chapbooks. She is currently working on her seventeenth poetry chapbook. She is a member of Pandora’s Collective, Poetic Justice, and Writers’ International Network (WIN). She was a recipient of the 2016 Nehru Humanitarian Award. She works at the BC Teachers’ Federation and lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada.