Just right by Chantel Lavoie

Poem title: Just right Poet name: Chantel Lavoie Poem Begins: An only cub, he had never shared bowl, or chair, or bed.  And they made sure there was no too hot, cold, hard, soft: flowers on the mantel the banister polished, picture- book by the rocking chair by the lamp.  Nothing in excess or wanting.  Not until she came—curious  wayward, a little peckish creamy and golden—  and did not leave. Afterward they sent him with papa bee-glad big, growl-hearty while the little pet nestled  on mama’s lap, or  set out four spoons or stirred the pot. End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Chantel Lavoie  Previously published in This is About Angels, Women, and Men (Mansfield Press, 2021) Chantel Lavoie lives in Kingston, Ontario, where she teaches in the Department of English, Culture, and Communication at the Royal Military College of Canada.  She has published two books of poetry: Where the Terror Lies (Quattro, 2012) and This Is About Angels, Women, and Men (Mansfield, 2021).