Engravings by Julia Gibson

Poem title: Engravings  Poet name: Julia Gibson Poem Begins: My feeling of roots empty of colour grown in thin water my aging mother thirsts  		for growth                          connection to something undying for infants and city life              like the rolling of time                                                          but not to people whose growth grew us             to roots, or ghosts, that warm                     			  or vessels slow                                                for the   feeling                                                                              unreclaimable when confronted with the           otherness        more than cliché to those          roots not like life at all   still                                            happened and not    happening                                  roots are engravings  who feel their                             in the earth                          depth        approaching                                       How long do I have?                                            to take you   to the house of our ancestors  Beneath the house   the land is always           stone             if you stare  						  down           deep enough                                    Am I far down           enough to spread 		out in time 						to learn                                 	  the art of the                                   	  fight, my grounded                                               stance   End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Julia Gibson Julia Gibson is a multidisciplinary thinker, creator, and problem solver aspiring to contribute to a more understanding and compassionate world. After studies in violin performance at Manhattan School of Music, she completed a BA in Cognitive Science at Brown University, and an MSc in mathematics at McMaster University. She now works both as a poet and an aerospace engineer in Toronto. A supporter of pluralism and free speech, she is on the production team for Shab-e She’r, Toronto’s bravest and most diverse poetry series. Her first full-length collection of poetry, Two Doors, was published in 2019.