Indigenous inexplicitus by Ayaz Pirani

Poem title: Indigenous inexplicitus Poet name: Ayaz Pirani Poem Begins: When I say my name people act like I’ve handed them fire or a baby they’ve got to say something about now that it’s in their arms. They didn’t know my planet was there the whole time, behind the curtain like stabbed Polonius. I fell off a cliff when I decided to be born among strangers. Now I lie on the ageless beach like a hearthrob. It took centuries to stop thinking about things I never got to lose. They were already gone before I’d noticed they weren’t there to be lost. I’m trying so hard to discover or rediscover an undiscovered country. Who can blame me for fascinating the birds as I walk through the forest? End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Ayaz Pirani First published in ARC Poetry Magazine (Issue 85, Winter 2018) and then in Kabir’s Jacket Has a Thousand Pockets (Mawenzi House, 2019). Ayaz’s books include Happy You Are Here (The Word Works, 2016), Kabir’s Jacket Has a Thousand Pockets (Mawenzi House, 2019) and Bachelor of Art (Anstruther Press, 2020). His work recently appeared in The Malahat Review, ARC Poetry Magazine and The Antigonish Review. A new book is forthcoming from Gordon Hill Press.