Never Too Late by Jean Eng

Poem title: Never Too Late Poet name: Jean Eng Poem Begins: Another moment where a jet of well-being transpires for no reason. This happens maybe twice a year. It was late afternoon, summer. I was walking from kitchen to living room, when contentment arrived and refused to leave. I tried to dismiss it with accounts of present luck: must be the new cat or pay cheque in the bank; all that free Vitamin D outside. Yet that other woman who normally finds fault with such lists failed to bribe me with her melancholy nature. I understood then the true nature of enlightenment despite having never been certifiably enlightened myself. I felt almost sad for Sadness, dear roommate who now had to endure an entire day with so little grievance. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Jean Eng First published in Jean Eng’s debut collection of poetry Festival of All Souls (Inanna Publications, 2020). Jean Eng is a visual artist and writer from Toronto, Ontario. Her poems have appeared in literary journals from Canada, the U.S. and U.K. These include Canadian Literature, Contemporary Verse 2, Grain, Room, Stand, Vallum and WomenArts Quarterly. Her paintings have been exhibited in public, private and institutional galleries in Canada, the U.S. and Japan. For many years she worked as a library technician at the University of Toronto.