Siteseeing by Ariel Gordon

Poem title: Siteseeing Poet name: Ariel Gordon Poem Begins: Standing at the axis of vertical hydro pole & horizontal hundred-year-old tree, head back, I resolve three dark lumps against grey sky & a wickerwork of winter branches & wires into owls, then wind-whipped plastic bags, then bickering squirrels. Bark rains down. Tell me, who shape-shifted? Me? Them? End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Ariel Gordon Ariel Gordon is the Winnipeg/Treaty 1-based author of the poetry collections Hump and Stowaways, both of which won the Lansdowne Prize for Poetry at the Manitoba Book Awards. She co-edited the anthology GUSH: menstrual manifestos for our times (Frontenac House, 2019) with Tanis MacDonald and Rosanna Deerchild. She is the ringleader of Writes of Spring, a National Poetry Month project in partnership with the Winnipeg International Writers Festival that sees poems by Manitobans published in the Winnipeg Free Press. Her most recent books are Treed: Walking in Canada’s Urban Forests (Wolsak & Wynn, 2019), a collection of essays about our relationships with the natural world, and TreeTalk (At Bay Press, 2020) a public art project where poems were hung on a tree in downtown Winnipeg.