Corvid Hygiene by Glen Sorestad

Poem title: Corvid Hygiene Poet name: Glen Sorestad Poem Begins: Crow perches on the top bowl of the water fountain on the back deck, bends and drinks deeply, tossing its head back, to hasten the flow, then bends to drink once more, head again thrown back to swallow deeply. I watch through the window, perhaps six feet away, as sun glints iridescence off glistening feathers. As Crow drinks, oddly enough, I see an ebony pumpjack bending and raising, bending and raising. Crow now, its thirst slaked, wipes its beak back and forth on the upper rim of the fountain bowl, first, one side of its beak, then the other side, repeating until satisfied. I don’t know whether I should feel amused, or am I astonished? Crow turns to the window, cocks its head at me and those dark eyes seize mine for a moment. I’m positive Crow would like to say something to me, something I’m not at all sure I want to hear. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Glen Sorestad Previously published in The Blue Nib from Ireland (Issue 44, July 2020). Glen Sorestad is a much-published poet from Saskatoon whose poems have appeared widely and have been translated into eight languages. He a Member of the Order of Canada.