Food for Thought by Susie Whelehan

Poem title: Food for Thought Poet name: Susie Whelehan Poem begins:       “I do the only thing         I can: put one word in front of the other...”  			–Barbara Crooker  In this way I move my life across the page. Not daily. Though I wish I did write daily. I wish I was disciplined— you know, a real writer. I’d rise each morning, record my dream, then  write three Morning Pages without a pause then respond to a writing prompt in my email for an hour, or at least 10 minutes all before yoga and a brisk walk followed by  a green smoothie made with  kale, leaves from a Bodhi Tree and Lourdes water which I finish at my desk as I open the manuscript  I will work on for the next several hours. Alas. None of that happens.  On Saturday I donned my Covid mask and went to the local Farmers’ Market. When leaving there, my basket filled  with frilled kale and possibility, a woman I barely know called to me, “Someone gave me a copy of your book. I really liked it and so  I brought it when I visited my dear friend in Palliative Care.  I read her some of your poems because they were so touching.”  This woman could not see  my dropped jaw behind my mask.    One word in front of the other. We never really know where they will go. End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Susie Whelehan Susie Whelehan facilitates AWA (Amherst Writers and Artists) writing workshops in her home and her Community Centre in the west end of Toronto when there is no Pandemic, and on-line when there is. Her most famous collection of poetry, “The Sky Laughs at Borders” (okay, her only collection of poetry so far) was published by Piquant Press in 2019. She has had great fun writing spontaneous poems for perfect strangers for the past three years through the League’s “Poetry in Union” event.  You can hear her read more of her poetry at