All alone by Kamal Parmar

Poem title: All alone Poet Name: Kamal Parmar Poem begins: Sitting in my room, facing a window overlooking our small garden, I hear sounds that were never heard before, the soft gush of Fall breeze, as it rustles through the maple leaves, the twitter of a sparrow hopping from branch to branch, the skittering of leaves as the wind blows in eddies,  drags them with its magnetic pull.  Someone calls, breaking the silence like a pistol shot. The distant hum of a speeding car,  a shrieking police siren stabbing the dark highway, an ambulance with flashers on, zig-zags past serpentine queues of commuter cars. Fire engines whizz past with blaring horns.  Sounds of a daily grind of life, of ebbs and highs of our journey shattering the silence. Life unfolds. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Kamal Parmar Previously published What does the wind say? (Red Tuque Books, 2021). Nanaimo poet and writer, Kamal Parmar has been passionately involved in writing since the last 20 years. Her genre is poetry and she has a few books, both poetry and creative non-fiction, to her credit. Her poems are simple though poised and evocative enough to set the reader thinking. She has a number of poetry publications in reputed Canadian literary journals and magazines. She is a member of several Writers’ organizations and Guilds and is also a manuscript evaluator in one of them. She is currently an active Board member of the B.C Federation of Writers, and was also Secretary of The Ontario Poetry Society, while in Ontario. She has also given poetry readings in various libraries, in ON, SK and in BC. Currently, she is an Associate member of the League of Canadian Poets, a Board member of Federation of BC Writers and a member of The Writers Union of Canada, the Canadian Authors Association as well as of Haiku Canada. She is the current Poet Laureate for the City of Nanaimo.