Monster Under The Bed by Brian Sankarsingh

Poem title: Monster Under The Bed Poet Name: Brian Sankarsingh Poem begins: Pitter patter feet on the floor Scary monster or something more? In the corner, knees to my chin I’m Imagining a maniacal grin I shudder to the very core From that pitter patter on the floor Try as I may, try as I might Darkness bleeds into the night The footsteps closer now appear While I sit here in abject fear Silently screaming, eyes shut tight Will I ever survive this night? Imagination plays a game Candle-light becomes roaring flame Every sound and every creak Is a demon, ghost, fiend or freak Bent on evil, to kill and maim Better if I not say its name. Cold clammy fingers, touch my hand Burning like a firebrand A piercing scream breaks through my lips As I peel away those fingertips I turn to face the evil man And prepare to make my final stand Suddenly the lights go on Hey that’s my dad, not the devil’s spawn “Why were you screaming silly child” He said with the most appealing smile Immediately my fear is gone On glistening angel wings they’re borne End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Brian Sankarsingh Brian Sankarsingh is a Trinidadian-born Canadian immigrant who describes himself as an accidental poet, with a passion for advocacy and a penchant for prose. Arriving in Canada in the 1980s, Brian worked tirelessly to forge a life and career for himself. In so doing, he inadvertently shrouded his love for poetry. Now, with his children all grown up, he has rediscovered his voice. With renewed vigour and an unapologetic style, Sankarsingh is committed to maddeningly screaming his poetic ponderings from whatever rooftop or soapbox he can find. Wading into controversial topics like systemic racism and politics, Sankarsingh’s readers should think about his poetry as social and political commentary.