Careless by Elizabet Stevens

Poem title: Careless Poet Name: Elizabet Stevens Poem begins: It wasn’t that those men 		who stumbled through my life 		broke my heart.  It was that they 		broke my dishes: 		the bean crock 		hand thrown and formed  		so well by a potter’s hands  		pushed through scathing firings  		to emerge bronze  		two handles and a lid 		now one handle and  		a jagged stump.  		The pig bowl  		caressed and spun  		into perfect shape  		for soup  		the potter light-hearted and witty  		carved near the rim  		a line of smiling pigs  		like rough lace  		now split apart. 	 		My grandmother’s pink crystal  		wine glass  		one of four 		shattered and splayed  		on the tiled floor  		now useless  		but pretty like coloured diamonds. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Elizabet Stevens Elizabet Stevens lives in Southern New Brunswick. A graduate of Dalhousie University, and University of New Brunswick (Fred.) Graduate program (M.A Creative Writing). She draws inspiration from relationships, all kinds, especially the broken-hearted kind.