Lake of Shining Water by Lillian Nećakov

Poem title: Lake of Shining Water Poet Name: Lillian Necakov Poem begins: The woman from Debt Free America calls three times today I tell her I am a Canadian  living on the shores of a great lake  whose name  was forged from the carapace  of the great turtle before some of us  tore the land from the sky  I tell her there may be blood bracketing the forest  explain the relative elevations average depths maximum depths volumes  of each basin tell her my dog speaks three languages  if you ask him  I tell her I am the bruise convalescing in the refuse of my parent’s dreams and that American could  never be debt free I assure her she is only a small fish  in a giant school of small fish and that when we close our eyes each breath will bubble  into a small swell of culpability until day breaks into a tsunami of cardinals. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Lillian Nećakov Lillian Nećakov is the author of six books of poetry, numerous chapbooks, broadsides and leaflets. Her new book il virus was published in April 2021 by Anvil Press (A Feed Dog Book). In 2016, her chapbook The Lake Contains an Emergency Room was shortlisted for bpNichol chapbook award. During the 1980s she ran a micro press called “The Surrealist Poets Gardening Association” and sold her books on Toronto’s Yonge Street. She ran the Boneshaker Reading series in Toronto from 2010-2020.