5 Tips for a Poetry-packed Summer

  1. Summer Lovin’ Contests from LCP: Summer is here: it’s time to embrace the warmth and beauty of this enchanting season through the magic of words. Whether you’re an experienced poet or just beginning to explore the world of poetry, our Summer Lovin’ contests invite you to celebrate poetry and potentially win $500! Our jurors will evaluate each entry based on its originality, creativity, emotional impact, and mastery of language. The winners and honourable mentions will receive recognition on the LCP website and one outstanding poem from each contest will receive $500! So gather your thoughts, let the summer sun rays inspire you, and don’t delay in submitting your poem to one of LCP’s Summer Lovin’ Contests today!
  2. Outdoor Poetry Readings & Poetry Picnics: Take advantage of the beautiful summer weather in your province by organizing or attending outdoor poetry readings or a poetry picnic. Find a local park, garden, or beach where you can gather with fellow poetry-lovers to share and celebrate poetry. Invite friends, fellow poets, and your community to join you in a picturesque location. Each person can bring their favourite poems to share or workshop, and you can spend the afternoon discussing and reciting them. Create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere by bringing blankets or chairs, snacks, and beverages.
  3. Nature-inspired Writing: Summer is a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature and find inspiration for your poetry. Take walks in parks or near bodies of water, go hiking, or simply sit in your neighbourhood. Observe the sights, sounds, and smells around you and let it influence and inspire your poetry writing. For a more structured exercise, try using a pre-determined form, like a haikus or nature-themed sonnets.
  4. Writing Prompts: Beat the summer heat by staying indoors and engaging in writing exercises. Create a list of summer-themed writing prompts to inspire your poetry. For example, write a poem about a summer storm, the sensation of sun on your skin, or the feeling of diving into a pool. Set aside dedicated time to explore these prompts and see where your creativity takes you.
  5. Poetry Workshops or Classes: Use the summer to enhance your poetic skills by attending poetry workshops or classes. Many organizations, bookstores and literary centres offer specialized courses during this time. Look for local workshops or online platforms that provide writing courses. Engaging with other poets and learning from experienced instructors can help you develop your craft and gain valuable feedback. Subscribe to LCP’s Between the Lines Monthly Poetry Newsletter to never miss an open call for mentorship, submissions, and other opportunities.