Annual General Meeting

The 2021 Annual General Meeting for the League of Canadian Poets took place on Monday, June 28, 2021 at 2pm EST.

Meeting information and Documents (2021 Documents are forthcoming): 

We are still accepting nominations for committees, juries, and representatives with the League. Complete our nomination form if interested!

Important Information from the 2021 AGM

Registration is required for this meeting

To ensure that we are able to discuss and vote on Motions at the AGM, we require registration for all members in advance of the AGM. This will ensure that everyone in our meeting is authorized to cast votes in the organization.

Voting on Motions

Motions at the AGM will be passed using the polling feature in Zoom. Each motion will be presented to attendees, who will be able to vote Yes, No or Abstain for any Motion.

Webinar Meeting

With an exceptional number of attendees at the AGM, we will host the 2021 AGM in webinar format. This means that not all participants will visible on video or able to speak on-mic for the majority of the meeting. We asked that all comments, questions, and need for clarification be requested through the Q&A section in Zoom.

Associate Member Participation

Associate members of the League are welcome to attend the AGM and to discuss all motions on the table. However, Associate members are not able to cast votes at the AGM in accordance with League by-laws

Adding a Motion to our AGM Agenda

Every member who registered for the AGM will be given the option to ask questions or contribute through the Q&A feature