April 2015: Food & Poetry


Cotton Candy FrenzyHello lovers of poetry,

Barbara here again with another edition of our League of Canadian Poets National Poetry Month Blog!

This year we are celebrating National Poetry Month with food and as you can imagine, I am over the moon with excitement about the theme. Food takes up a lot of wattage in my brain.

Inspired by Rachel Rose’s inaugural speech as Vancouver’s Poet Laureate, poets across the country will investigate the ways in which  “food is personal, political, sensual and powerful”. Food nourishes, grounds and connects us, much like poetry. Without food, as without poetry, we go hungry.

Here on the blog we will feature NPM readings, this year’s award-short listed poets, guest posts from poets across the country, video poems and other edible poetic selections.

Follow along all month and join in the conversation by leaving a comment, sharing posts on social media or using #eatingpoetry & #NPM15.

See you in the buffet line.