at outer edge of cliff by Norma Kerby

at outer edge of cliff Norma Kerby, 2021 at outer edge of cliff rock falls away with dizzying abruptness jagged lip fractured triggered to break in roar of calamity dog is not concerned he hangs by his toenails looking down here boy here boy we whisper hoping he will turn gently and come away void holds him mesmerized nose raised to smells rising from valley below here boy we whisper stomachs sick with fear cliff face riddled by cracks bat habitat or maybe cougar den along that ledge too steep for trees ferns tucked into pockets jumble of shattered boulders below unforgiving drop fifty meters or more here boy we plead here boy here boy   Biography: Norma Kerby has been published in journals, e-zines, magazines, and anthologies, most recently, the anthologies, Heartwood (League of Canadian Poets), Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem (Mansfield Press), Seed Dreams (Writers North of 54), and Tending the Fire (League of Canadian Poets), as well as her chapbook, Shores of Haida Gwaii (Big Pond Rumours Press). Nominated for a Pushcart Prize (Prairie Journal), she writes about environmental, ecological and social issues, in particular those affecting rural and northern Canada.