LCP Chapbook Series: From My Window, a collection of poetry from Atlantic Canada

Edited by Miriam Dunn, LCP Atlantic Representative

There are many words used to describe our world during these days of pandemic: difficult, challenging, unprecedented. Beyond doubt, millions of people have their own personal stories that include loss, loneliness, fear, and financial distress. Happening within the constraints of the pandemic, we face further tragedies and challenges, locally and globally, that highlight social inequality and call us to action. But there are also unexpected and welcome changes and beautiful ways in which people are responding to events: sharing and caring within communities, renewed appreciation for family, friends, and local workers; acts of awareness, forgiveness and atonement. There’s a surge in creativity and unity as people try to brighten and better the world – sharing art, music, healing dances, and new rituals. For some, it is a time of protest and others a time of solitude, when even nature appreciates this slow dance. Individuals have time to reflect and re-evaluate – not only our relationships and society – but ourselves.

We don’t have a new window on the world; we look through the old window in new ways. And when we peer through, sometimes we see the outside; sometimes, we see our own reflection. At times we see peace and at times we see chaos. To that end, a working title for the chapbook is “From my Window” with hopes that this collection of poetry from Atlantic Canada highlights these reflections as we gather our thoughts from our own private places.

Submissions are now closed.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (closed on Aug 5, 2020): 

  • All submissions must be sent to in doc, DOCX or PDF format.   
  • Poetry submissions may consist of one to three previously unpublished (print or online) poems in any style (including prose poems).  
  • Length is flexible, though poems longer than 2 pages will be considered only if they are of exceptional quality. Poems longer than 4 pages cannot be considered.   
  • Include a cover letter with your name, email address, and a short (100 words or less) bio. The bio submitted will be used in the chapbook for selected poets.   
  • We accept simultaneous submissions. If your piece is accepted elsewhere, please notify us immediately.   
  • Selected poets will receive a $25 honorarium per selected poem.  

Submissions are open to members of the League of Canadian Poets residing in Atlantic Canada. With this project, the League aims to create space to highlight the voices of poets practicing in the four Atlantic provinces: Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. 


We recognize that some people may face barriers to gaining membership to the League and are committed to working with those facing barriers, specifically financial barriers, who have an interest in participating in this project. Please email if the cost of membership is an impediment to your participation in the League. 

Miriam Dunn grew up on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean on Cape Breton Island. She is a writer and poet whose work is influenced by the natural world, which she believes inherently contains metaphors for all aspects of human experience. She is the author of Who Will Love the Crow and her work has been published in numerous other formats and anthologies including Heartwood: for the love of trees; How we see it: the nature of our worldsSunday Snaps: The Stories; Inspiration Speaks Vol.1. She is a teacher, song-writer, musician, mother, grandmother and bread baker, currently enjoying life in the village of Tatamagouche. She serves as the Atlantic Canadian representative on the League of Canadian Poets and is a member of Haiku Canada, where she also serves as the Atlantic Canadian Representative.