Poetry Pause: Brian Henderson — The Temperature of Noise

Poem Author: Brian Henderson Poem title: The temperature of noise Poem: “Light turns out to be only noise” -Arkadii Dragamoshchenko Noise is the wilderness of heaven A flying robot the size of a mosquito You might hear the mosquito with your radar pin But you don't know who said it I'm just walking out along the edge of that conversation now And can’t hear anything but florescent moonlight Slipping over everything studying sharpening Obliterating longing Elision over the boundaries The boundarylessness of the noise Of the voice in the jar of wood frog politics of family of traffic of lichen Shooting star tracheal buzzsaw belligerence along the road clearance bombardment Rubble cries ropes of moonlight I'm leaning toward an atomic theory of mental life An atomic theory of breathing The one with the swerve in it But not far enough So many swerves the amplitudes of years But it's a big room We are finally sitting alone in it With a painting by Munch and one by Monkman And one that you did a long time ago or was that mine Or is that the windows What’s happening with the temperature of light on the wall Is that my memory furniture Foundering through bird calls traffic accidents finger pointing The line squalls the lit motes the echoes Through the sound waves divers’ flares End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Brian Henderson from Unidentified Poetic Object (Brick Books, 2019) Brian Henderson is a Governor General Award finalist (for Nerve Language, Pedlar Press 2007) and a finalist for the Chalmers Award for Sharawadji (Brick Books, 2011). He is the author of 12 books of poetry including The Alphamiricon, a deck of visual poem cards and [OR], (Talonbooks, 2014). His latest is Unidentified Poetic Object from Brick (2019). He is a co-editor of the Laurier Poetry Series, and lives with his wife, Charlene Winger, in Grey Highlands, Ontario. Visit him at brianhenderson.ca