Burial of a Boy in 1979 by Bill Arnott

Poem title: Burial of a Boy in 1979 Poet Name: Bill Arnott Poem begins: Black, dreamless sky plummeting rain twelve-year-old me  pulled from two a.m. sleep dad at my bed. Sobbing (but dad never cries)   My best friend killed  on our rural road, struck  by a driver, he slogged  through downpour, woke dad confessed to spaniel slaughter disappeared in deluge  Through sheets of wet dad gathers the fur snapped lump carries it/her home, digs a hole with a shovel we use for worms  I console dad  and bury a child with Tammi’s corpse  I wonder who that boy might’ve been End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Bill Arnott  Previously published in The MOON Magazine (2019)  Bill Arnott is the bestselling author of the Gone Viking travelogues and the poetry collection Forever Cast in Endless Time. He’s recipient of The Miramichi Reader’s Very Best Book Award for nonfiction and for his expeditions has been granted a Fellowship at London’s Royal Geographical Society. When not trekking the globe with a small pack and journal, Bill can be found on Canada’s west coast, making music and friends. @billarnott_aps