Membership Engagement Challenge

January 10 – March 20, 2022

Welcome to LCP’s Membership Engagement Challenge! Complete a series of poetry and LCP membership-related challenges over 10 weeks and win! Winners are drawn each week and three grand prizes will be awarded.

The LCP is a wide-reaching organization with many different programs and benefits available to discover. The Membership Engagement Challenge will reward you while you learn more about the League and make most of your membership. Three grand prize winners will receive free LCP membership for the 2022-2023 year as well as a $125 bookstore gift card.

Complete any one or more of each week’s challenges and you’ll be entered to win a weekly prize (of poetry books, of course)!

The League has crafted a handy Bingo Card listing the challenges. Track your progress by printing it off at home or follow along digitally.

If you have completed the Golden X of challenges, found on the Bingo Card, by the end of the 10th week, you are eligible to win one of three grand prizes!

Sign up for the Membership Engagement Challenge today!

Get started by signing up via the link above. Week-to-week challenges will be updated on this page and to participants via email.


The Final Challenge is here! At the end of this week, we will be giving away three grand prizes of Free LCP 2022-2023 membership!

There are two ways to win:

1. Complete The Bingo Card “Golden X” of Challenges:

2. If you have participated in every week of challenges, you will also be eligible to win our GRAND PRIZE!

Unsure of which challenges you have completed? Check out the Membership Engagement Challenge participation gallery

Complete any missing challenges by Sunday, March 27 to WIN!

There is no check-in for this week. LCP Staff will review who has completed the Bingo Card Golden X and/or participated in each weekly challenge. Grand Prize Winners will be announced on Monday, March 28, 2022. 

WEEK 10 CHALLENGE (March 14 – 20):

Have you completed Week 10’s Challenges? Let us know: Week 10 Challenge Check In

WEEK 9 CHALLENGE (March 7 – March 11):

  • Buy an LCP Chapbookuse code MEC2022 at checkout to get one Chapbook for only $6!
  • Send us a picture of your LCP Chapbook
    • Take a picture of yourself with your chapbook or of your chapbook in a place that makes you feel poetic!
  • Learn about a local poet or poetry history in your province or community
Have you completed Week 9’s Challenges? Let us know: Week 9 Challenge Check-In

WEEK 8 CHALLENGE (February 28 – March 4):

This week the challenge is straightforward: you must complete the quiz to be eligible for the weekly and grand prize. There is no “check-in” form other than the quiz itself. Best of luck!
Complete Mini Quiz #2 by Sunday March 6, and let us know for a chance to win a collection of poetry!
There will be a new winner selected every week.

WEEK 7 CHALLENGE (February 21 – 25):

Have you completed Week 7’s Challenges? Let us know: Week 7 Challenge Check-In

WEEK 6 CHALLENGE (February 14 – 18):

Have you completed Week 6’s Challenges? Let us know: Week 6 Challenge Check-In

WEEK 5 CHALLENGES (Feb 7 – 11)

There is no Challenge check-in for this week, simply complete the quiz and your participation will be recorded.

WEEK 4 CHALLENGES (January 31 – Feb 4)

Have you completed Week 4’s Challenges? Let us know: Week 4 Challenge Check In

WEEK 3 CHALLENGES (January 24–28):

Have you completed Week 3’s Challenges? Let us know: Week 3 Challenge Check In

WEEK 2 CHALLENGES (January 17–21):

Complete any one of these challenges and let us know for a chance to win a collection of poetry!
There will be a new winner selected every week.

Already completed Week 2’s Challenges? Let us know: Week 2 Challenges Check In

WEEK 1 CHALLENGES (January 10–14):

Tell us how you did: Week 1 Challenges Check-In