Closet by R.J. Calzonetti

Closet By RJ Calzonetti Grinding the flowers between the gears of my teeth Gambling lost dreams of slot machines To a heart groping the wind Wandering the city homeless For a bench to cradle Little specks of colour with big souls stained neon On imaginary megalomanic avenues Landing on faceless moons Expressionless little astronauts with big dreams Cluttered with stars Butterflies in jars Stanzas that soak into the pages like rainfalls over landfill daffodils Cold and grasping for air in a fickle breeze Gasping out heartbeats from monotone smiles Kissing empty vessels in(to) a red sea Dancing amaranthine unanswered cancerous Concussive muscular lustrous brushstrokes Stoking colloquial altocumulus On the painted faces of half angels Flying home On polycrystalline peninsulas Crawling to their fatherlands An encore again to the murals of incoherent earlobes probing tenebrous euphoria Peering through the veneers of sulphuric speleothems Golden omens holed in homeless agoraphobia Bio R.J is a youth poet who loves how abstract, intense and dark epics poetry can be. Identifying as he/him, he was born in 1997 and is asexual. He often finds himself writing hour after hour, never satisfied. He was a finalist two years in a row at the Burlington Poetry Slam within the first two years of writing. He has since branched out from spoken word into other forms of poetry. Headline Poetry and Press published a good dozen of his poems, and for several months he worked together with the head editor who he owes a great debt. After leaving the magazine in order to focus more on building his skills in hopes of eventually publishing a booklet, he has been bunkered up for two years of constant writing. His early work focused on mental illness and abstract works. These days he focuses on improving in new areas. He wants to be inspired by experienced poets, and eventually, be among them.