Book Reviews

COVID-19 Note: The League has a limited amount of books available to mail out for review. Please contact if you are interested in writing a review or submitting a copy of your book for review.

Books available to review:

  • charger by Margaret Christakos
  • my yt mama by Mercedes Eng
  • Point to Counterpoint by Mel Gill
  • Tender by Laiwan
  • A Beautiful Stone by Lynda Monahan
  • At Home with Disquiet by Erin Wilson

Recent Reviews:


Interested in reviewing for the League? We are always looking for new reviewers and reviews!
It’s a small, small poetry world out there, and we know there’s a large chance reviewers have met the poet they’re reviewing at least once, so we want to embrace that: friends, review friends! Publishers, review your own books! Discuss, discuss, discuss–as long as you disclose your connections and keep your writing transparent. We’re looking for reviews that speak to the reviewer’s personal experience with the book, but we’re also looking for reviews that can connect a book with other legacies, initiatives, and creators in CanLit.

Submission guidelines:

  • we accept reviews of new (published within the last 18 months) books of poetry
  • reviewers do not need to be members of the League
  • we accept previously published reviews with written permission from the original publisher
  • reviews for consideration should be in .doc/.docx format and between 300-2000 words in length

Please email with questions, queries, or submissions for consideration! We are also happy to facilitate review copy requests to publishers for interested reviewers.

Publishers: looking for professional poets to review your latest poetry releases? Send a copy to the League office and we’ll make it known to our membership that the book is available for review. 

League members: Do you have a recently released book that you would like added to our reviewable titles list? Email for more information.


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