Poetry Consultation and Workshop Fund

The League of Canadian Poets recognizes the incredibly generous work that poets do to support one another, teach new skills, offer mentorships, and elevate one another in their poetic careers. Our new Poetry Consultation and Workshop Fund is intended to provide financial support for poets who are engaged in teaching one another this year.  

This fund will offer financial support for professional poets who are offering workshops or consultation sessions. 

About this Program  

Workshops are professional teaching sessions offered to an audience of 10+.  Workshops are intended to introduce a new skill, form, editing method, or perspective to support the development of poetic craft or related skills. We are offering a payment of $500 for a poetry workshop. Workshops must be offered free of charge to participants. We encourage workshop leaders, when possible, to open these workshops to all members of the League of Canadian Poets.  

Poetry Consultations are 1-on-1 teaching relationships that focus on developing skill in editing, craft, form, publishing guidance or other essential skills for developing poets. We are looking for skilled poets with knowledge to share to provide these consultations. Poets are asked to apply to act as a consultant, and to create their own meeting schedule, and guidelines. Selected consultants who are paired with poets seeking a consultation will be paid $250 through this program. The League recommends that poet consultants last no longer than 5 hours, and that the parameters for consultation be set out at the outset of the relationship.  

Poets applying to act as consultants may have a poet in mind that they would like to work with, or can choose to be matched to a poet who is seeking assistance with their work or poetic career. The League cannot guarantee a match to a poet if you are applying to be a consultant, but will work to connect you with a poet who hopes to learn. Preference can be indicated on your application form.  


Poets may receive a maximum of $1,500 through this program.

Applications are currently closed

A full application must be submitted by the consultant or workshop leader. If you are a poet who is interested in receiving a mentorship through this fund, we invite you to reach out directly to the poet you would like to work with, or to send an email to nicole@poets.ca for support.  

Application Details:

  • A short background of your skills and experience
  • 1-2 paragraphs outlining the kind of support you will provide as a consultant or workshop leader (eg. editing, poetry development, teaching new forms, publication advice, promotion and touring advice, etc.)
  • A rough timeline (including start date and end date) of the consultation or workshop

For CONSULTANT applications, if you have a poet in mind that you’d like to work with, please include their name and a short biography, as well as their name and e-mail.

For WORKSHOP applications, please include the following information in a description of your workshop:

  • Will this workshop be open to all members of the League?
  • Would you like to open this workshop to members of the Writers’ Union of Canada?
  • Will this workshop be open to the public?
  • If attendance is restricted, please provide information on why the workshop is private, and who will be participating.
  • Is there an admission fee for your workshop?
  • Please include the names of any specific poets you might like to work with