deeper than bone by Rita Bouvier

Poem name: Rita Bouvier Poet name: deeper than bone Poem: when they ask you  who are your people?  say . . .  they are the people  who live 		in the clearing where the rivers empty  		in the narrows of beaver river valley  		in haida gwaii 		at the foot of the three sisters  they are the people  who live 		along the bay of winipakw 		along the river where bow reeds grow  		along the valley of the grande riviere  		on top of small mountain  they are the people  who live 		where two rivers come together  		where the people fish 		where the humpback salmon spawn  		near the lizard’s domain  they are the people  who live 		by the waterfall place  		by the holy springs 		by the strait of the spirit  		in the place of peace   here on turtle’s back— on the land of the long white cloud— home, down under in an endless time of dreaming—  the coming together, the falling apart as it is today and forever. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Rita Bouvier Previously published in Best Canadian Poetry 2020, Guest ed. Marilyn Dumont (Biblioasis, 2020) and Grain Rita Bouvier is a Métis writer from Saskatchewan. Her third book of poetry, nakamowin’sa for the seasons (Thistledown Press, 2015) was the 2016 Sask Book Awards winner of the Rasmussen, Rasmussen, and Charowsky Aboriginal Peoples’ Writing Award. Rita’s poetry has appeared in literary antholo­gies, musicals and television productions, a children’s book, and has been translated into Spanish, German, and Cree-Michif of her home community of sakitawak—Île-à-la-Crosse in Treaty 10 territory, the historic trading and meeting grounds of Cree and Dene people.