Feminist Caucus Living Archives series

Each year, the Feminist Caucus publishes a collection of writing from the last Feminist Caucus panel. The Living Archives Series documents the presentations of the panels sponsored yearly by the Caucus since its founding within the League in 1982, and includes various texts, correspondences, and other works significant to its history and the discussion of women and language in poetry. All titles are $10 plus tax and shipping, and available for purchase through our online store. Please email info@poets.ca with any questions or for more information.


2016: Performing Women: Playwrights and Performance Poets

2016: Women and Multimedia

2015: Women Mentors: Mentoring Women

2014: Cautionary Tales: Giving Voice to the Elders

2013: Dialogues, Exchanges, Conversations

2012: Poetry and the Disordered

2011: Epiphanies: Moments in Your Writing Life Which Change You Forever (30th anniversary publication)

2010: A Tribute to Pat Lowther

2009: Eco Poetry

2008: Inspiratrices

2007: Women Poets in Canadian History

2007: Arms Like Ladders: The Eloquent She Poems from the Feminist Caucus

2006: Our Sisters in Spirit

2005: And no one knows the blood we share: Poems from the Feminist Caucus

2005: Inviting the Incubus, Kissing the Succubi: The Muse in Canadian Women’s Poetry

2000: o(pen)ings: feminism and postmodernism

1999: Feminism and the Language of Love

1998: Language(s)/prison(s)

1997: Sexual Disorientations: Sexual Identity and Gender Expression in the Writing Life

1996: Reviewing: Women, Writing on Writing

1995: Urban / Rural: Women, Writing & Place

1994: Belle Lettres / Beautiful Letters

1993: Reinventing Memory

1992: Silences

1992: Women & Violence

1989: What is a Nice Feminist. . . ?

1987: Illegitimate Positions: Women & Language

1985-87: Two Women Talking: Correspondence

1982: Stats, Memos, & Memory

*to inquire about past publications, please contact info@poets.ca