Announcing the Reestablishment of the Freedom of Expression Committee

Inclusive and Equitable Freedom of Expression  

At the League of Canadian Poets, we embrace the idea that freedom of expression must be inclusive and must be supported in partnership with the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion.  This National Poetry Month, The League’s National Council reaffirms the belief that all poets (all writers, and all Canadians) deserve support for freedom of expression, particularly those who are marginalized, excluded, or otherwise discouraged from full participation in the literary landscape. All writers and readers must have the opportunity to meaningfully engage with the freedom of expression and enquiry. 

We are committed to helping to remove systemic barriers to writers, ensuring that the freedom to read, write, and express freely is protected for all League members, and all writers in Canada.  

The League’s Freedom of Expression Committee  

The League is happy to announce the reestablishment of the Freedom of Expression Committee. This Committee has long been a part of the League of Canadian Poets, and will be put to work with a mandate to support the continued development of an inclusive and equitable right to free expression in Canada. This Committee will work to monitor and support freedom of expression in Canada in support of the League’s members, and all writers, and will work closely with the League Equity and Diversity Committee.  

The League’s Equity and Diversity Committee  

The League has established an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee to ensure that the League is always working toward a more equitable and inclusive writing community, so all poets can truly enjoy their freedom of expression and practice their craft as a poet in Canada.  

The League recognizes that systemic inequalities have faced poets throughout Canada and throughout the world. The League’s Freedom of Expression and Equity and Diversity Committees are committed to removing systemic barriers to writers in Canada, so every voice and viewpoint can be freely expressed.  

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