Giving My Womb Permissions by Rhonda Melanson

Giving My Womb Permission By Rhonda Melanson The Annunciation I never considered my betrothed womb had choices. my unpicked pomegranate its swollen seeds like blood-red eggs picked for the siege, yet even the great He asks permission: can you, will you? His whispers were sweet, furtive: who among us could resist blessed art thou chosen among women Flesh from your flesh. From my ribs? No, from your hips. I mean, your glorious, abundant hips! Oh, those hips. My betrothed hips. The ones not yet navigated because the Law prohibits premature pleasure for both me and him, but mostly me. The part that's open, wide open, trembling raw Mother of God! He groaned. What part of yes did I just understand? Bio A graduate of Queen’s University Artist In The Community Education Program, Rhonda Melanson has been published in several print and online magazines, including Juniper, The Boxcar Poetry Review, Quill’s, Philadelphia Poets, Ascent Aspirations, Lummox, and the Windsor Review. In 2011, she published a chapbook called Gracenotes with Beret Days Press, and she is also featured in the Encompass IV anthology, a publication from Beret Days Press and The Ontario Poetry Society. She was featured in Nasty Women and Bad Hombres, A Poetry Anthology, edited by Deena November and Nina Padolf (Lascaux Editions) and in Tamaracks, An Anthology of Canadian Poetry, edited by RD Armstrong. She also works collaboratively on a literary blog Uproar.