Headache by Ariel Gordon

Poem title: Headache Poet Name: Ariel Gordon Poem begins: An ambulance siren chirps like a bird in a tree just outside my window, keeping the flock in contact.  Runny nose. Muscle aches. Fatigue. Pink eye.  A rescued red-tailed hawk from Ontario swoops  across the room from my phone to my laptop, purely for educational purposes.  Cough. Skin rash of unknown cause. Poor feeding, if an infant.  In Ontario, everyone swears they’re looking  at a mating pair  of red cardinals in their back yard,  like it was an alibi they rehearsed.  Nausea or loss of appetite. Sore throat/hoarse voice.  We go owl hunting, boots  on snow. Eyes starving in the leathery  dark, ears stuffed with feathery hoots.  Fever/chills. Loss of taste or smell.  So. Does standing under trees with a handful of seed,  shouting chick-a-dee-dee count as a hobby? End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Ariel Gordon Ariel Gordon is the Winnipeg/Treaty 1-based author of the poetry collections Hump and Stowaways, both of which won the Lansdowne Prize for Poetry at the Manitoba Book Awards. She co-edited the anthology GUSH: menstrual manifestos for our times (Frontenac House, 2019) with Tanis MacDonald and Rosanna Deerchild. She is the ringleader of Writes of Spring, a National Poetry Month project in partnership with the Winnipeg International Writers Festival that sees poems by Manitobans published in the Winnipeg Free Press. Her most recent books are Treed: Walking in Canada’s Urban Forests (Wolsak & Wynn, 2019), a collection of essays about our relationships with the natural world, and TreeTalk (At Bay Press, 2020) a public art project where poems were hung on a tree in downtown Winnipeg.