Honouring Lesley Strutt

Lesley Strutt was an incredible poet, friend and supporter of emerging poets across Canada. Her recent passing has left a void for many people, and we feel it is important to do a few things to honour her writing, legacy, and all the incredible work she did for poets in Canada. The League of Canadian Poets, as well as Lesley’s family and friends are establishing the Lesley Strutt Poetry Fund to support the following initiatives:


The Lesley Strutt Annual Poetry Contest

Launching in Summer 2021, the Lesley Strutt Annual Poetry Contest is a contest that provides a prize for the single best poem submitted to our judges. This contest is open to all poets (professional, emerging, and first-time) in Canada, and is run each summer in memory of poet and friend Lesley Strutt.


The Lesley Strutt Chapbook for Emerging Poets over 40

Launching in Fall 2021, The Lesley Strutt Chapbook for Emerging Poets over 40 will be edited by current Associate Members Representative Joan Conway, Claudia Radmore-Coutu and Sneha Madhavan-Reese. Submissions that may require some professional guidance and editing are welcomed.  
The League encourages submissions by equity seeking individuals including LGBTQI2S, Indigenous writers, writers of colour, gender non-conforming writers, writers with disabilities, women, and those who face barriers because of mental health challenges and neurodivergence. We are also open to submissions written in dialects not recognized by mainstream publishing, and translations into English. If you are submitting a poem in a language other than English, please provide additional context for our readers in English. 


Commemorative Bench and Celebration Livestream Event

On August 31, 2021, in Merrickville, Ont. a celebration of life and commemoration of a Poet’s Bench was dedicated to the exuberant spirit of Lesley Strutt – wife, mother, poet, author, and educator . She was a friend to many and contributed greatly to culture & the arts in her community. May all who rest there be inspired. The celebration and Poet’s Bench were facilitated with love from the Merrickville Artists’ Guild, and those who donated in honour of Lesley Strutt.

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Remembering Lesley Strutt

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