In response to “What’s new?” by Julie Cameron Gray

Poem name: In response to ‘What’s new?’ Poet name: Julie Cameron Gray Poem: The sky was pale white all day, bright and sunless. I woke up with a hairpin still in my hair, studded with purple glass. I slipped it under my pillow. I’ve been spending my days floundering in a cabin in the woods, drinking gin and tonic, singing along to the radio. I make eyes at the out-of-season ladybugs that cling to the inside windows, scaling their own private glaciers. The deer leave their shadowed footprints across my front door; I almost hit one driving into town for bread. There are snowshoes leaning their Eiffeled bodies against the door frame, every night the sunsets are a shock of fuchsia. Then there are bare branches, the black spruces, and at night I dream of aqueducts and powdered sand. But other than that, nothing is new. The sky was pale white, all day. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Julie Cameron Gray Previously published in Tangle (Tightrope, spring 2013), my first book collection. Also published in Event magazine, in their Fall/Winter 2012, Vol. 41.2 Julie Cameron Gray is the author of the poetry collections Tangle and Lady Crawford, which was shortlisted for the Pat Lowther Memorial Award. Her work has appeared in The Best Canadian Poetry in English, the Fiddlehead, Carousel, Vallum, Grain, and Prairie Fire. She is a regular contributor to Taddle Creek Magazine.