Apply to Be a Member

So you’re ready to apply for membership? We’re so excited that you would like to join the League. If you haven’t yet, please review our eligibility criteria before applying. If you have any questions regarding which level of membership is best suited for you, please feel free to contact

Please note:

  • Applications can take up to 8 weeks to process.
  • Payment should not be included with application.
  • We are not currently receiving mail or parcels at our Carlton Street office.
  • Due to COVID-19 adjustments, we are primarily accepting digital-only applications; if you must submit a hard copy of your book, contact
  • Applications should be submitted online.

Complete your membership application here:

This form will provide a file upload section for you to upload your literary CV and your poetry for review.

  • Please submit your literary CV and your poetry as separate documents.
  • PDF, doc, docx, MP3, and MP4 files accepted.
  • Associate membership applications must have 10 poems for review, either as recordings, documents, or both; please put all written poems into one document.
  • Full membership applications from print poets should have their latest or forthcoming full-length collection of poetry as a PDF (or two chapbooks, or the full document of 48 cited pages of published poetry from independent markets, if that is what you are submitting as your application)
  • Full membership applications from spoken word poets should provide a maximum of 15 minutes of material for review; all material should be poetry. Spoken word material can be provided as links in a CV, or as MP3 or MP4 files in the file upload section

If you are having any issues with the form, please email

Please note the following statement from the current membership committee, elected in June 2018: “All applications for Full Membership are reviewed by the Membership Committee, which is elected by League members at each annual meeting. This peer review process has been used throughout the League’s history. The Membership Committee ensures that all applications are assessed fairly and objectively. We evaluate the quality of and literary achievement evidenced by the material presented by the applicant. It must meet the standard of a minimum quantity of work that in the view of the Committee is of sufficient poetic achievement. It is a duty of the Committee to ensure that this material meets the standards required for membership in the League. The Committee also takes into account consistency with previous decisions and professional credibility. We want to admit as many new members to the League as possible, while maintaining the professional credibility of the organization.”