LCP Chapbook Series: The Next Generation Collection

Starting in 2020, the LCP began publishing a chapbook with 12 of the best poems from the annual Jessamy Stursberg Poetry Prize submissions.

Volume Three: 2022

Senior winners, from grades 10, 11, and 12:

  • “birdbrained” by Briana Lu (first place)
  • “99%” by Grace Hu (second place)
  • “Colors in a new world” by Maggie Yang (third place)

Junior winners, from grades 7, 8, and 9:

  • “Asian Girl” by Kyo Lee (first place)
  • “The Land Bridge Theory” by Angel Zhao (second place)
  • “Liquid Gold” by Sofia Varma-Vitug (third place)

We are also thrilled to be publishing additional selections from the 2022 jurors:

  • “Out of Breath” by Sana Huang
  • “immigrant tribes” by Avery E. Kats
  • “Mari’s Apartment” by Eryn McNamara
  • “greenhouse gasses” by Catie Musselman
  • “Before we gave it some English” by Samuel Nnadi
  • “If You Talk to My Corpse, Bury It Well” by Gurleena Sukhija
  • “Plums” by Alison Wang

Thank you to our jurors Kathryn Gwun-Yeen Lennon, Mikko Harvey, Winston Le, Amy LeBlanc, and Michael Lithgow for their work in selecting these poems!

Volume Two: 2021

Senior winners, from grades 10, 11, and 12:

  • “How to Write a Poem by Angela Cen (first place)
  • “jiaozi” by Vanessa Chan (second place)
  • “grapheme-colour glossary” by Izabella Salih (third place)

Juior winners, from grades 7, 8, and 9:

  • “Seaweed Soup and a Happy Birthday” by Mark Kim (first place)
  • “undefined variables” by Michelle Masood (second place)
  • “I am a woman” by Nida Atique(third place)

Also featuring:

  • “a study of what makes a body celestial” by Naomi Angel Farkas
  • “Faja” by Bianca Sanchez Galvin
  • “Dear Ana” by Kate Irwin
  • “strawberry bleached” by Tianyi Li
  • “A Duck’s Life Told Through a Sonnet” by Rose Liu
  • “Morphine Yeti” by Nicola Bonardi Rivard

Volume One: 2020

Senior Category Winners (Grades 10-12)

  • 1st place: “On Jasmine” by Kate O’Connor
  • 2nd place: “Heirloom” by Nazanin Soghrati
  • 3rd place: “Seventeen Years Told Through Flowers” by Kira Belaousoff

Junior Category Winners (Grades 7-9)

  • 1st place: “Jellie Catching” by Crystal Peng
  • 2nd place: “him.” by Max Schlodder
  • 3rd place: “Azadi (Freedom)” by Zara Zafar

Also featuring:

  • “The Red Wheelbarrow” by Chelsea Ewer
  • “An apology to the tulips in by yard” by Michelle Masood
  • “Electromagnetic Poem” by Ottavia Paluch
  • “iron’s drops” by Nicole De Jesus
  • “The Notepad” by Susan Gao
  • “Home” by Sarah Moussa

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