skerwink by katie o’brien

Poet name: katie o’brien Poem title: skerwink Poem: dig holes in my skin peels it flakes drying cod on forgotten wharfs geological uprising rock walls bleed water old man’s flowerbeard wearing stolen orthotics at the stone site of capelin suicide squads End of poem.  Credits: originally appeared in the 25th edition of Riddle Fence, based in St. John's. katie o’brien is a poet, community worker, queer activist, and Netflix enthusiast originally from St. John’s, Ktaqamkuk, on unceded Beothuk and Mi'kmaq land. they are the founder and editor of blood orange, an experimental poetry tarot. a peal of thunder, a moment of (The Blasted Tree, 2019) is their third chapbook. katie dislikes lying, sings a lot, and doesn’t kill bugs.