Prince George Coffee Shop by Kelly B. Madden

POET NAME: Kelly Madden POEM TITLE: Prince George Coffee Shop POEM: He slurps his black coffee and stares, deep lines etched around basset-hound mouth hands, calloused and dirty have punched brick, held babies fished in pockets for matches, pulled crab traps, swigged whisky, deboned salmon, swung bats, stroked and fed animals and strangled that girl on Hwy 16, ten years and three months ago - the one nobody is looking for anymore END OF POEM. CREDITS: Copyright © Kelly Madden Previously published in Island Writer Magazine (Volume 14, Issue 3, Winter 2016). Kelly B. Madden writes poetry, fiction, children’s stories and songs. Her work has appeared in Island Writer’s Magazine, Reckoning 2, Fresh Voices and elsewhere. She lives in the Comox Valley, BC.