Moon So Bright by Stephen Berg

Poem title: Moon so Bright Poet Name: Stephen Berg Poem begins: True, we’ve managed to invent the pickle spear, graffiti solvent and restroom robots, but on the whole,  we’re not a bright people —  chipping off pieces of our own cave for souvenirs,  fracking our brains out under the hydraulic tutelage of greed-ware,  core-sampling the North pole’s arthritic torso.  Once, I hear tell, we were cool as cats,  lapping from earth’s cupped palms, giving Eden a run for her money.  Once, moon so bright,  night bloomed, called us star-eyed moles.  Once, in the time of wheel and fire, we pooled reason to make rafts, called on history for rudders.   Today we go sailing away on the beams in our own eyes.  Today, if you’re singing,  there’s probably an angel nearby, or, you’ve managed to forget the last century or so. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Stephen Berg  Stephen T Berg was raised on the prairies and tutored by the west coast. His poetry has seen life in staged performances, has been chosen to ride Edmonton Transit buses, and has appeared in such publications as Prairie Fire, Orion, Earthshine, Geez, oratorealis, and Vancouver’s Westender. His first chapbook, There Are No Small Moments, was published by The Rasp and The Wine (2014), and his first full-length book of poetry, Beacon, Blues and Holy Goats, was published by Aeolus House (2019). For more of his work visit: