Motors by Victor Enns

Poem title: Motors Poet Name: Victor Enns Poem begins: Garbage is crushed this morning,  motors turning as I wake and turn on  the day to start all over again the little motors twenty years old and this building still breathes  like a youngster no switch required  the building knows what it owes  in carbon the smell of bacon frying, next door the frail breathers start their car let it idle and warm.  It’s still very winter the exhaust sweet and white  in the light Mr. breathes in for just a few seconds   before slipping in behind the wheel next to Mrs. banging their doors for better or worse  they have seen sixty-five anniversaries  their hearts pumping their lungs starting to fill  this can’t be good he says the street empty the stores closed  just keep driving she says to him to the end of the road.  End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Victor Enns Victor Enns was born in Winnipeg and raised in southern Manitoba. He graduated from the University of Manitoba with a History/English major. Jimmy Bang Poems, instigated during an advanced creative writing workshop with Robert Kroetsch, was published by Turnstone Press in 1979; Correct in this Culture (5th House) was published in 1985. He spent the next 20 years in arts administration and raising a family. Lucky Man (Hagios, 2005) was nominated for the McNally Robinson Manitoba Book of the Year Award. boy (2012) and Afghanistan Confessions (2014) were also published by Hagios Press, in Regina, subsumed by Radiant Press where Enns’s books are available. Enns’ writing, recent live performances and video-casts, available on his website, speak of his lived experience as a disabled man, with physical and mental illnesses instigating chronic pain. Calling Love & Surgery, his 2019 collection (Radiant Press), a bitch and moan about love, loss and amputation, he says “I’m donating my body to science one limb at a time.” Now living in Kelowna, British Columbia, with disability rights advocate Michelle Hewitt, and two Bernese Mountain dogs, Victor Enns spends his time listening to music, reading, and writing poetry.