Nannofossil by Samantha Jones

Poem title: Nannofossil Poet name: Samantha Jones Poem begins: Take a toothpick, the type with flat sides, scoop up some paste— drilled bits, rock chips powdered and mixed with water.  Now move back and forth painting mud across a glass slide until you feel resistance, friction forcing rills on the road bump bump leaving gaps between the stripes  of earth and body parts.  Sit in a dark room look down the eyepiece see the constellations, cat eyes, the whole universe spread beneath the microscope. End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Samantha Jones Samantha Jones (she/her) lives and writes in Calgary, Alberta on Treaty 7 territory. She is a literary magazine enthusiast and contributor with poetry appearing in Room, CV2, Watch Your Head, Grain, and elsewhere.