Next lifetime by Magie Dominic

In my next lifetime I will be a tree;  someone else can be the birds.
I will be a branch holding birds,  an abundance of them;

the tree old people lean against
when they need to stop all their walking,

where lovers carve words on a summer evening
when they should really be at vespers.
(it happens)

Blue light will change to black,
the tree will almost disappear,
but a keen eye sees words engraved into bark forever:
I love you

This is the tree I will be;
someone else can be the bird.


Copyright © Magie Dominic. Originally published in Heartwood: Poems for the Love of Trees (League of Canadian Poets, 2018).


Magie Dominic, Newfoundland poet, artist, memoirist, essayist and teacher, studied at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, lives in New York City, is the author of two books, The Queen of Peace Room and Street Angel, and co-author of  H. M. Koutoukas Remembered by His Friends. She is a founding member of the Off-Off Broadway movement of the 1960’s in New York. She was shortlisted for the Canadian Women’s Studies Award, Book of the Year Award-Autobiography by ForeWord Magazine, the Judy Grahn Award and awarded the Silver Medal from the Independent Publishers Awards. She received the Acker Award for writing. Find Magie on Twitter at @magiedominic.

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