Oblivion by Jean Van Loon

Poem title: Oblivion Poet name: Jean Van Loon Poem: My aged cat lies upside down, legs splayed beside the hot air register, a picture of the oblivion I seek tonight but cannot find in sleep and so this trek downstairs to warm some milk. There she lies, untroubled by my barefoot passage, unperturbed by desires confident that tomorrow will bring filled bowls and well scratched ears. Outside the kitchen window the streetlamp, a soft fall of snow on its way through the light. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Jean Van Loon Jean Van Loon’s first poetry collection Building on River (Cormorant Books, 2018) was short-listed for the Ottawa Book Awards. Her stories, poems, and reviews have appeared in literary magazines across Canada and in Journey Prize Stories 19, with recent work in The Fiddlehead, and Queen’s Quarterly and forthcoming in Event, Juniper, Ottawater, and The Literary Review of Canada. She holds an MFA from the University of British Columbia and attended the 2017 Spring Poetry Colloquium at Sage Hill.