Feminism – Revisit, Revise, Revolutionize: a two-part history


The 2018 Living Archives publication from the League’s Feminist Caucus.

The essays in this publication discuss the history of the League’s Feminist Caucus, as well as a history of feminism in Canadian poetry, in order to look forward and reimagine how feminists and feminism can engage with and improve the Canadian literary landscape, within and outside of the League.


  • The Feminist Caucus Mission Statement as revised in 2017 as a result of the discussions and presentations that inspired this chapbook
  • An introduction from editors Charlie C. Petch and Vanessa Shields
  • “She/Her” by Janice Jo Lee
  • “Feminism — In Living Colour” by Paulina O’Kieffe
  • “Embodying Resistance/Riding the Wave” by Andrea Thompson

Essays are based on the presentations and discussion of the 2017 League of Canadian Poets Feminist Caucus panel.


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