Remembering Fraser Sutherland

Fraser was one of the first supportive people I met in the literary community many years ago. The scene was much less inclusive than now but Fraser always made me feel welcome. He encouraged experimentation and strong opinion. Your influence is felt, Fraser, you made a difference to me!


Fraser was not only a fine poet as well as a thoughtful man-of-letters, he was a kind and helpful friend to many people. In fact, two of the most disagreeable writers I have ever met ran into trouble and were befriended and assisted by Fraser and his family. (I have in mind Scott Symons and Edward A. Lacey.) I assume that Fraser was raised a Presbyterian; I know he was a Christian because of his unstinting kindness and forethought. He was one of a kind and very kind he was. 

-John Robert Colombo 

One time when I was struggling, Fraser said the most interesting people are those you struggle, which made mine meaningful. We both read at the Green Lantern in Halifax when we lived in Nova Scotia and his wife Alison comforted me during my divorce. Fraser took my mosquito painting in lieu of payment for editing my manuscript. I’m sad we lost touch.

-Katerina Fretwell