Canada Poetry Tours


COVID-19 UPDATE (July 31, 2020): 

We are currently accepting applications for funding for online events taking place before March 31, 2021. Applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance of the scheduled event; applications take up to three weeks to process, so if you require more than a week’s notice of funding, please plan and apply accordingly. We are not accepting applications for in-person events. We will continue to assess the progress of in-person events across Canada throughout the summer and provide an update for in-person event and travel funding in fall 2020.

Applications for online events may be made through the universal application form on this page, where you can also find detailed guidelines and FAQ:

Here is a short review of major changes, which regular users of the program may find helpful:

  • Application fees have been waived in order to support poets and hosts who are keeping poetry alive during these uncertain and challenging times
  • Poets may now apply to receive their own honorarium
  • A limited amount of funding has been reserved to support events by poets who are not members of the League
  • There is one universal application form to apply for funding, rather than separate applications per program
  • There is no deadline for applications; they will be processed on a rolling basis, and approved or rejected within three weeks of submission